Coaching and Consulting for the Self-Represented in New York State:

Do Not Go Into It Unarmed!

Legal fees are crippling for most people. Self-representation, pro se in legal lingo, is becoming more and more popular for people to reduce legal fees substantially. Certainly, legal fees can be reduced to zero, but that leaves you completely unarmed.

This office offers consulting and coaching for self-represented parties. If you represent yourself, unless you have done it often before, you do not know the process or the little details that need to be presented in documents submitted to the court or opponent. You are likely not familiar with all your rights so you may not protect your rights adequately. Going to trial? Do you understand Court decorum (and that it matters), how to object and make motions during trial testimony? Do you even know the order in which the parties present evidence, or how to get a specific exhibit into evidence?

Sometimes, pro se litigants will hire counsel for trial, but if you have not built the foundation of the case properly for that counsel, you send them into Court unarmed, explaining away the cracks in that foundation.

No attorney will ever recommend going to trial without counsel. For that matter, we will always recommend that you have counsel. It is not in our nature. But the world is changing. The methods for delivering legal services to you must change along with it.

What we offer, for the pro se litigant in civil matters in New York, including family law cases of all sorts, estate litigation of all sorts, civil litigation of all sorts:

  • Consultation on your rights, your case, the legal process
  • Document review on what has been prepared
  • Editing of documents prepared by the pro se litigant
  • Preparation of specific documents, as needed
  • Consult and coach on the discovery process (information gathering stage)
  • Consult and coach on Motion Practice
  • Consult and coaching for Court appearances
  • Aid in drafting of notes for points necessary in appearances
  • Coaching for Trial
  • Coaching for settlement negotiations
  • Consulting about settlement negotiations

These services are charged at an hourly rate, but you get to determine the number of hours in which you want to invest, and how you want to be spending those hours. What you feel you require is what we will do for you.

If you choose not to hire counsel to represent you in your case, we offer you the opportunity to not be “going it alone” by offering support to you for as much or as little of the process as you feel you need. All decisions as to what you need are yours to make.

Note that New York does not allow corporations to represent themselves, along with some other preclusions on self-representation.

If you would like to discuss your case and what support Diana can give if you are representing yourself, please Contact, or call/text her at 315-565-2760 for free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs.