This office handles residential real estate matters for both buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees. In addition, Diana handles transfers of property pursuant to divorce judgments and within the confines of transfers with Estates.

In this office’s efforts to do transactional legal work such as real estate for fixed fees, we do the following at fixed fee rates, as follows:

  • Quitclaim transfer
  • Executors/Administrators transfer as part of Estate
  • Private Note and Mortgage
  • Buyer closing  residential
  • Seller closing residential
  • Roommate Agreements. See blog post Roommate Agreement
  • Lease Review
  • Purchase Offer Drafting and Review

The list of fixed fee transactions will be increasing, but see the present fixed fees for the above transactions here Fixed Fees. This is not an exhaustive list of what this office handles with regard to residential real estate, so please ask about other real estate matters that you are facing.

If you would like to discuss your real estate needs, whether transfers or contracting of other sorts, please contact Diana Contact, or call 315-565-2760.