It is always unfortunate when parties cannot get along or behave properly in distributing someone’s estate as they wished. ┬áLitigation results in order to make things right. We handle litigation various matters listed below and other estate matters:

  • Contested Will Actions often arise when there is a belief that a party involved has influenced the decedent into making terms of a will that favor that party through undue influence or other basis
  • Contested Accountings Actions can be the result of fiduciary misconduct or other causes
  • Fiduciary Misconduct or Removal of Fiduciary: If the executor or administrator does not follow the wishes of the decedent, uses the assets for their personal benefit, fails to preserve the assets of the estate or any other wrong doing by the fiduciary
  • Claims against Estates such as creditors’ claims
  • Abatement Actions
  • Other litigation involving probate or administration of Estates

If you need to discuss matters involving fiduciary misconduct, estate accountings, failure of fiduciary to distribute estate, fiduciary self dealing, will contests or other estate matters, please Contact Diana.