How to Choose Representatives

Through the years, I have seen people choose their executor, agents and representatives based solely on the fact that the person is married to them or is a blood relative. The limitations people place on themselves because of those two factors is staggering. Surely this is not to say that the choice is always bad or wrong, just that the basis of blood or marriage is the wrong basis to use. The person chosen must actually have the ability to do the job.

The number one basis for choosing anyone to represent any of your interests, particularly those involving your assets and life, is without question, trustworthiness. Can you unquestionably trust this person, or these people…… Read More

Nothing Good Happens If You Die Without a Will

If you have not prepared a Will prior to your untimely demise, all of your possessions will be distributed in the way set forth in statute. One is referred to as “intestate” if they have no Will for succession of their assets, and the statutory method for distribution of that person’s assets is called “intestate succession.” Read More