Diana graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University with the class of 1992 and was admitted to practice law in New York a couple of months after graduation. She opened her own “shop” and has been a sole practitioner in Syracuse since.

Diana has spent her years in general practice with a great percentage of her time on family law,  estate matters, real estate and business transactional work. Practice has always been limited to civil matters.

AdobeStock_100876870_SS_rsqsrwThough there was a respite from practice while she recovered from a traumatic brain injury, Diana spent the latter part of that recovery learning and working with new technology in legal practice and working with attorneys in other states in her practice areas. She found this very helpful in keeping up to date on the changes in the law, differences in out of state laws and how changes might be implemented in her practice. The way law is practiced is changing at a rapid pace with use of fixed fees, virtual meetings as more convenient and various other practice changes to make things more reasonably priced for the client.

Diana builds this practice as Edition 2.0, with new and better features! Have questions? Send an email our way on the form below, and while you’re here, wander around the site to find articles and information that may be of interest to you. ¬†Thanks for stopping!